Mission of 25000spins

Our Vision

25000spins.com is a non-profit business dedicated to making a difference to children in need. Our vision is to not only make the lives of children better but to empower and challenge the people involved in the physical challenges.

Who is 25000spins?

We started with a goal to raise 25,000 pounds to help reduce the shocking statistic that 25,000 children die each day from things money can solve. We wanted to solve this by doing roughly 25,000 leg spins per day on our first adventure from London to Athens (4,000km). 25000 children, 25000 reasons, 25000 pounds & 25000 leg spins per day. Hence the name 25000spins. Since then as a collective team we have raised over $7 million dollars, helping people around the world to live a better life.

Our core goal is to give you an Adventure with Heart while helping to reduce global poverty and making a difference in our world. Every minute 17 children somewhere in our world die due to poverty related causes. This is shocking and 25000spins mission is to make a real change. Thank you for being part of the solution and for working with us and our charity partners to make a difference.

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