About the instructors

Dr Darren Morton (Cyclist and all round awesome guy)

The Lift Project was developed by Australian-based Dr Darren Morton (Phd, FASLM), who is an internationally recognised wellbeing expert with special expertise in Lifestyle medicine. If you wished to learn more about Dr Darren Morton please visit his website at https://www.drdarrenmorton.com/live-happy/ .

Michelle Joseph (Marketing 25000spins)

A regular cyclists on 25000spins cycling adventures. Michelle lives in sunny Queensland and studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Commercial Law) in Victoria. She grew up in beautiful New Zealand. Michelle is the author of a book on life's big questions, faith and God.

Keryn McCutcheon (Support 25000spins)

Keryn is lady with a heart of gold and the energy to see things through from start to finish. A real asset to any team. A very helpful and capable lady who has a heart for others.

Craig Shipton (Founder 25000spins)

Craig lives and works in sunny Queensland and enjoys a range of sporting activities from surfing to cycling. Craig believes that we can to make a difference to children in need. At 25000spins we have a vision is to not only make the lives of children better but to empower and challenge the people involved in the physical challenges.

25000spins Team

To meet the rest of the 25000spins team please go to https://25000spins.com/our-team/.

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