Lesson 2 - Training plan - Get Fit in 4 weeks

Training for your 25000spins adventure

Preparing for the ride

Get your bike, body and gear into shape. To get maximum enjoyment from the ride, we recommend all riders make preparations well in advance to ensure their bodies and bikes are ready to roll.

Cycling fitness:

It’s important that you prepare your body for the ride. It is also important to realise that riding a tour is quite different from doing a big one day ride. To ensure your body is ready for the ride, we recommend you spend some time riding long climbs or doing hill repeats to get used to riding in a climbing position. We also recommend you try to include some hard consecutive days into your training to prepare your body to back up after a hard day.

How To Make Your Own Cycling Training Plan

Positioning and bike fit:

Positioning is also critical when attempting a tour. Small niggles that you get from time to time on the bike can be exacerbated by pushing yourself day after day. A bike fit can be a good investment in your safety and ride enjoyment. 

Cycling skills:

If most of your riding is done solo or with a few friends, it is important that you get some practice riding in a bunch. Bunch riding is a way of cyclists sharing the workload and helping each other. The tighter the bunch the less effort is expended. However, an inexperienced bunch rider will find this a little awkward so it’s best to get used to this by riding with others in the months leading up to the ride.

A typical day on the ride 

Most days will follow a similar routine, however, we need to be flexible depending on the weather, rider ability and the distance we need to cover. See our detailed summary notes FYI.

  • 0600 – Wake up, get dressed, pack bags and put your 1 bag in trailer.
  • 0630 – Once all bags are packed join together for breakfast and final route briefing
  • 0700 – Depart start point for first leg
  • 0900 – Morning tea/snack
  • 0930 – Depart for second leg
  • 1230 – Arrive at destination.
  • 1pm –  Lunch
  • 2.30pm – Unpack, shower, Strava (very important), wash clothes if required
  • 4.30pm – Hit a local cafe, swim in the lake, see some of the area.
  • 5.30pm –  Stretch class.
  • 6.00pm  –  Words of wisdom from our presenters on living a happier life. 15 min session. 
  • 6.30pm – Dinner at local restaurant, route briefing
  • 8.30-9pm – Back to accommodation and bedtime

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